HVAC – A Brief Description

Ventilating and Air Conditioning is a system that standardizes the climate and sustains the indoor air quality of homes and commercial buildings. In modern daily life, HVAC systems have become common. However, they operate on the principles that have long been known to the scientists and engineers. And still, the reliability and cost effectiveness of HVAC systems are improving, good technology from this industry is enjoyed.


• Heating and Air Conditioning Split System

Split systems are the most common HVAC system. These are the classic types of HVAC systems that have components both inside and outside the building. Each part of the system contributes to reaching the ideal temperature in the building throughout the year. Each of the split systems has an air conditioner that cools the refrigerant, a furnace, a fan, or evaporator to transform and circulate air, air ducts, and a thermostat. Whether the place is large or small, a split system proves to be an easy way to maintain the air temperature and feel comfortable.

• Hybrid Heat Split System

An advanced version of the classic HVAC split system is the Hybrid Heat Split System. Such systems have improved energy efficiency. The main difference between a traditional split system and hybrid system is that the hybrid system allows homeowners the opportunity to switch their heat pump to be electrically fueled instead of using gas. These systems contain a heat pump to heat and cool the refrigerant as required, a furnace, evaporator coil, air ducts, and thermostat.

• Duct-Free Split Heating & Air Conditioning System

Known from its name, this system works without ductwork. Like other systems, the duct-free system has a heat pump, fan coil, and a thermostat. They also make use of wires and tubing to create a connection between the refrigerant and the outdoor unit. They may also have optional accessories, like air purifiers and cleaners.

• Packaged Heating & Air Conditioning System

A packaged heating and Air Conditioning system is a packaged system for a solution to those buildings which do not have enough spaces for all the multiple separate components of a conventional split system. This system has all the same features in one appliance. A packaged system consists of an air conditioner/heat pump combination, evaporator, and fan coil, along with a thermostat. Such systems figure out confined spaces from around the place to the one-roomed- units.

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