Window Seat: Cushion, Design, How to Build, Storage

If you are wondering how to build a window seat, look no further. You can build a window seat with a window seat cushion from a very basic window seat design that you create yourself. Your window seat design can be a simple box, or you can create window seat storage by putting the top cushion on hinges. Follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way to building the window seat of your dreams.

Measure your window seat area

First you need to decide where you want your window seat. Then you will need to measure the area in order to create your window seat design. Remember not to let your window seat be to encroaching on other areas. A good window seat will have a depth of at least 18 inches. Model your window seat height after other chairs in the room. Otherwise, you may create a window seat design that is very uncomfortable to sit in. Once you figure out the height, width and depth of your window seat create a window seat design that incorporates these measurements and decides how much wood you will want to buy.

Building your window seat

Before beginning your window seat project, make sure you have all the necessary tools to finish the project. Some tools you may create your window seat are a circular saw, a hand saw, nails, hammer, hinges, and pencil. Once you have your window seat design and tools in place, it’s time to begin!

Window seat storage or a simple window seat If you are planning on using your window seat as window seat storage, consider whether or not you will need to buy hinges or incorporate any shelf system into your window seat. You could keep the front of your window seat open and create a bookshelf under the cushions, or you could hide blankets or old magazines under the window seat cushion.

Create your window seat cushion

Once you create your window seat from your unique window seat design, you will want to craft a window seat cushion. You may want to buy a prefabricated cushion to use on your window seat, or you may want to use throw pillows instead of a standard window seat cushion. If you choose to make your own window seat cushion, you may want to find upholstery grade cushioning and fabric to cover it with. Whatever you choose to make your window seat cushion out of, have fun with it!

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